Farmrite is a Australian owned and operated company based in Moree, New South Wales. Farmrite imports Wheatheart Grain Augers and Batco Belt Conveyors into Australia from Canada and distributes them through a dealer network. Farmrite also distributes the SHoule range of Land Levelers and Rock Rakes in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Wheatheart Australia

Wheatheart augers are tough and dependable. From the top of the range X16:125 Swingaway capable of moving grain at 10 tonnes per minute to the R8:36 8 inch Load-Out auger there is a Wheatheart auger for your application. 

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Batco Australia

Batco Belt Conveyors are engineered for the gentle handling of delicate crops. With a  unique design that requires half the horsepower of augers. Batco belts are designed and built for rugged long lasting performance.

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SHoule Australia

SHoule have a large range of Land Levelers, Rock Buckes and Rock Rakes. SHoule build some of the most heavy-duty equipment on the market. When using Houle products you are guaranteed  quality.

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REM Grain Vac Australia

The REM Grain Vac is designed for speed, efficiency and longevity. There are two REM Grain Vac modes to choose from. The VRX capable of 150 tons per hour while the larger VR12 is capable of 250 tons per hour 

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