Farmrite Distribution Supplying the Robust SHoule Range

Renowned as some of the most robust and heavy duty equipment on the market, SHoule products are distributed in QLD and Northern NSW by Farmrite Distribution, Moree NSW.

An agricultural and commercial machinery manufacturer founded in 1994, SHoule produces an outstanding range of Rock Buckets, Rock Rakes, Land Levelers, and Rock Pickers.

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Rock Buckets

S.Houle Rock Buckets are built to last, with unmatched tip design and high quality steel. The specially designed tip profile offers a stopper that allows for more capacity by keeping rocks from tumbling back. SHoule offer a limited lifetime warranty on tips.

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Rock Rakes

No matter what size SHoule rock rake you choose you get the same high quality. Whether it be a three point linkage mounted rock rake or a pull type unit, all rock rakes come standard with bolt on, reversible and replaceable teeth made of RT-400 steel.

All mechanical drive rakes are protected with a slip clutch system while the hydraulic versions are all pressure regulated. SHoule rock rake frames are made of the highest grade steel to support greater shocks and loads in rough field conditions. They are also driven by heavy duty double chains located in a sealed drive case for complete dust and rock protection.

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Land Levelers

SHoule has a complete range of land levellers that can help you accomplish the task in any soil. Our land levelers can be equipped with scarifying teeth designed to break hard ground surfaces, a GPS or a laser post for precision work, positioning headlights for road trips, agricultural or industrial tires mounted in tandem to reduce the machine’s waddle, and a hydraulic tilting system to work ground along the ditches.

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Rock Pickers

The new SHoule RM8090 Rockmonster Rock Picker has a working width of 2 meters and a dump height of 2.3 meters. The fully open back design means that when loading, or dumping, any dirt falls back to the ground rather than going in the trailer or pile.

The high volume 3.6 cubic meter basket is 30 percent larger than other comparable machines on the market and has the added benefit of not having to have the rotor on the ground to dump, meaning you can easily manoeuvre the machine while dumping. The unique design of the reel means a lot less moving parts and the reversible teeth mean a long service life. The Rockmonster has a 3.45 meter transport width.